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Ten Reasons to Support Local Business in Lancaster, PA

Ten Reasons to Support Local Business in Lancaster: If you’re looking for ten reasons to support local businesses in Lancaster, PA, you’ve found the right blog. Lancaster is one of the most important landmarks in the state of Pennsylvania. It’s the fourth oldest city in the state and home to rich Amish and farming communities. A former United States president, James Buchanan, also lived there. Buchanan was also buried there. The city is also well known for its large and beautiful businesses, both large and small. Here are several reasons to support them, whether you live in Lancaster or are going for a visit.

1. Protect the Integrity of Lancaster

Lancaster is a unique area of Pennsylvania, thanks to its rich history and vibrant community. Supporting businesses around the area will maintain funding for the services that make it special. Lancaster is home to beautiful geography. Mountains worth hiking are in close distance to the city’s eateries. It’s also worth keeping the geography that surrounds the Amish community in pristine shape. The places to swim, fish, and its forests are worth being maintained. The money provided through businesses and local tourism will keep Lancaster’s local atmosphere vibrant. This is all about maintaining the city’s vibrancy.

The support also helps protect the local population. More money being provided to local businesses keeps the property values of stores and houses low. This will support the diverse population thriving with citizens and immigrants of all stripes.

2. Keep Dollars Flowing to the Economy

Supporting businesses in Lancaster also keeps those businesses themselves open. Lancaster is home to a laundry list of businesses of all types. These range from eateries, to supply stores, to clothing stores, to barber shops. These businesses are owned by a diverse group of people. Some of them moved to the city because of the vibrant community that supports them. But they also receive plenty of business through tourists who stop by all year. The uniqueness of the city is maintained through the support its businesses receive.

Lancaster isn’t simply unique for Pennsylvania. It’s also unique for the United States. Many of its stores and shopping centers are located near historical monuments. They’re also located near places to swim and hike. It’s worth keeping this city around as it is. Cities are supported by the strengths of their local economies. 

3. Maintain the Arts & Theatre

Supporting Lancaster also involves taking in the city’s local arts and theater scene. The city is home to plenty of theaters. Some focus on providing plays to their audience. These include the Fulton Opera House and the Ephrata Performing Arts Center. The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater is also among them. Others focus on music. Those include the American Music Theatre, Phantom Power, and Tellus360. The city also has art galleries for visitors to take in images and paintings on Gallery Row.

The plays and music performances at these historical art theaters would be worth supporting at any time. But they’re particularly worth paying a visit following the pandemic. Many of these locations were closed for over a year to stop the spread of Covid-19. They’ve yet to fully recover following the pandemic in terms of their finances. This makes it doubly worth catching a show in one of these theaters. Visiting Gallery Row will suffice, too.

4. Protect Cool Activities for Those of All Ages

Lancaster is home to many businesses and activities for those of all ages. These are in addition to the arts and theater and shopping districts mentioned above. The city itself is home to notable sports players. These include baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Bruce Sutter. Super Bowl ring owner Dan Kreider, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is among them. But Lancaster itself is the home of Spooky Nook Sports. This is the largest sports complex in the country. The location is home to batting cages, basketball games, and baseball games. It also features several gymnastics events throughout the year.

The notable Clipper Magazine Stadium. This stadium is home to several high school basketball and baseball games. There are also businesses within these stadiums, in addition to the batting cages. Others hold events within these stadiums, too, especially Spooky Nook Sports.

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5. Maintain the Fooderies

The city of Lancaster is awash with fooderies. These make for great places for locals to spend their time in. But they’re also great places for tourists to visit. The city of Lancaster has made it their goal to support a “business friendly” environment. Their duty is to maintain the current businesses they have, and expand the number of them. The fooderies have benefited most from this. 

The city has plenty of eating establishments, both independently owned and through restaurant chains. Lancaster isn’t as big a city as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. This makes it more notable how it has enough food establishments to nearly rival them. These can’t be maintained without the support of locals and tourists. Those tourists can also spread the word about their positive experiences.

Lancaster also has its own unique groceries, mainly in the Central Market. The market is full of fruit and vegetables from the city’s local and rich farmer community.

6. Maintain Jobs and Wages for All of Them

All of those businesses worth supporting have people working in them. Shopping and eating at these businesses will keep the community in good shape. It helps to maintain Lancaster’s unique personality. The city of Lancaster has heavily invested in the community’s many businesses. They understand that it’s the independent businesses that make the community unique. Lancaster has no shortage of them.

These businesses need the local citizenry to keep them running. Those people need to be paid well to make a living. They live and breathe through their businesses. It’s worthwhile for the local citizens and especially tourists to keep them surviving as they are. That happens through the support given to them by making purchases at these stores. It happens through eating at their fine establishments. It helps that these are all close to the especially scenic parts of Lancaster.

7. Maintain Lancaster’s Rich History

Support through tourism directly funds Lancaster’s historical landmarks. James Buchanan’s presidential homestead is free for everyone to explore. The other architectural environments are similarly worth seeing. These were established and once maintained by architect C. Emblen Urban. He’s responsible for the Hager building located in Lancaster’s downtown area. It’s only half a block from Penn Square, making it easy to see for tourists. The city also has a museum that provides information about the surrounding city. 

All cities need funding to maintain these locations. They’re funded through the businesses the tourists and visitors bring. It’s worth seeing what once was an important political environment in Lancaster, PA. There’s a reason why it was temporary capital of the country in 1777. Maintaining these environments isn’t cheap. Supporting those local businesses will help you provide a public good.

8. Help the Local Schools

The tourism also funds Lancaster’s local schools. The city is home to several important academic locations. The most notable is Franklin & Marshall College, a private liberal arts college started in 1853. This location was named after Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall. Franklin gave the college its first endowment. Other locations include the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and Elizabethtown College.

The robustness of the programs in both schools is partially funded by the local economy. Tourism and business support has ripple effects across the city. Assisting with boosting the economy will especially benefit smaller elementary and high schools. Visiting the city to take the sights in isn’t so bad, either.

9. Other Events and Festivals

Lancaster is home to plenty of events for those of all ages. But they’re especially attractive to children. Dutch Wonderland is one of the more popular locations. The same applies to the Strasburg Rail Road, the oldest operating railroad in the US. This makes the city a great one to visit for families. It’s also good for raising a family, to raise a child within a positive environment. The businesses, it again must be said, fund and maintain the city’s vibrancy.

10. The People are Friendly

Nothing in Lancaster would be worth it if the people living in the city weren’t friendly. There’s always a helping hand within the shopping districts and other landmarks. This is the kind of environment worth supporting. It doesn’t take much for a person to support the city businesses even lightly. The city government’s efforts to fund the many small businesses has been worth it. The services, items the stores offer, and eateries are worth visiting and supporting.

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Final Words: Ten Reasons to Support Local Business in Lancaster, PA

The businesses are the lifeblood of Lancaster, PA. Supporting the local businesses keeps its economy funded well. It helps the small businesses remain in service as they are. It keeps the theaters, landmarks, and other entertainment venues in action. The economy also keeps the citizens themselves well paid, since someone needs to run the businesses. It’s also worth visiting the city to take in the beautiful local environment and landmarks. These are the reasons to support local businesses in Lancaster, PA.

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