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Frequently Asked Questions

EcoTech Carpet Clean - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to prepare for the scheduled cleaning?

To prepare for your scheduled carpet cleaning, tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning service with us, please have an open spot closest to the entry door available for our van mounted unit. If you plan on leaving during the cleaning process, please move vehicles beforehand. Please show us any areas that need attention. Be as honest as possible in the source of the stain and odor, as our success depends on it. If we notice anything else of concern, we will notify you prior to starting our service.

Please also make sure that all animals and children are away from the areas we are cleaning. All breakables should placed in a safe location. Stairwells should be free and clear. Bed skirts should be tucked and low hanging draperies should be clipped where needed. 

Where are you located?

EcoTech Carpet Clean is conveniently located in Lancaster PA. You can learn more about EcoTech Carpet Clean by visiting our listing on Google. We have over 200 5 star reviews.

Our address is 2633 Valley View Dr, Lancaster, PA 17601.

What are your service areas?

We service all of Lancaster County, PA.

What is the difference between soil and wear?

Soil is something that can be removed from carpets through a professional clean. Carpet wear, such as traffic patterns, are worn out areas and will have dulled or scratched fibers in the carpet. It’s important to note that anywhere that there is a traffic pattern, it will never have the appearance of brand new carpet after cleaning.

How long should I keep the plastic tabs or blocks under my furniture?

The tabs are there to protect the wood of your furniture from soaking up moisture and to keep furniture polish off of the carpet. We recommend leaving the tabs there for 24 hours. Additionally, please keep small children and pets away from these tabs, to prevent ingestion of the styrofoam and plastic protectors.

What can I expect from carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is the removal of general soiling and spots by utilizing the best possible equipment, cleaners, training and experience. We strive to restore you carpet to its best possible “clean state”. What we cannot correct is years of traffic, abuse or untreated, permanent staining.

As the property owner, what is my responsibility?

As the property owner, you are responsible for ensuring that our company is informed of any issues pertaining to the carpet to be cleaned. Topics to inform and discuss with us prior to your cleaning include but are not limited to:

  1. Possible recurring past staining problems
  2. Pet stain issues
  3. Installation problems
  4. Past cleaning experiences

It is also your responsibility to inform us of any current or future occupants of the property. And also the possibility of slip and fall hazards that may be caused by the damp carpet. Finally, it’s important to note that you as the property owner must listen to the suggestions for proper drying as failure to do so can result in extended dry times.

Do the same employees work on site every day?

We’re an owner-operated, family-run business. 99% of the time, it’s just me working for you. There will be days which may require me to have a helper. And they will be fully trained in the carpet cleaning industry.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Much like air drying your washed clothes, dry times for carpet cleaning will be reduced significantly with the addition of air flow and the reduction of humidity. We recommend turning on your HVAC system and any overhead fans. If the exterior weather is agreeable with low humidity, it may also help to open your windows. Dry times can range from 30 minutes to 16 hours depending on these factors. On average, 4 to 6 hours are needed to complete drying. We are happy to provide advice to decrease your dry times.

What are the dark gray edges along the baseboards?

Soil filtration is not a carpet defect, it is a situation in which dust and other airborne pollutants, such as soot from burning candles for example, can gather on the carpet face fibers. The soil accumulates in areas with a concentrated flow of air through the carpet, through tiny cracks, or other open areas underneath the carpet. The soiling condition can occur quickly, or it may develop over a period of months or years. The level of soiling is dependent upon the volume of airflow and the level of pollutants in the air.

Filtration soiling will obviously appear more pronounced on lighter than darker variations of carpet. Carpet soil filtration may appear around baseboards, under doors, along the edges of stairs and possibly away from walls where plywood sub-flooring materials have been joined. It may also occur under the skirting of furniture. Generally, the concentrated air flow will circulate from an upper level to a lower level of the home. Here’s a good way to think of it; your home is breathing and the carpet is acting like an air filter.

In order to reduce or prevent filtration soiling, keep air inside the home as clean as possible. This can be accomplished by reducing indoor air pollutants, such as cooking emissions, fireplace smoke, burning candles etc. This can also be helped by installing and regularly replacing high efficiency HVAC air filters.

While no one single cleaning technique may be successful in all filtration soiling situations, we have the proper tools and cleaners to address this problem area. Excessive filtration soiling may require an additional fee for removal, due to the time dedicated to removing the soil build-up.

Why did the pet stains or spill stains return?

Depending on the volume of liquid spilled on the carpet, it may sink into the carpet pad and sub-floor. After cleaning the liquid spots and as the carpet dries, the stain slowly returns. Why? We are only able to clean the surface of the carpet. Any spill that has sunk into the carpet backing or pad is still technically there. As the clean carpet dries, any moisture in the pad or carpet backing will evaporate or wick to the surface, thus causing the stain to return to the carpet surface. We try our best to prevent this from happening by placing fans down to speed dry and by applying a post spot stop cleaning treatment. In the event that a spot has wicked to the surface, we can usually correct the issue on a rescheduled date, which is an additional charge.

Why did my carpet ripple after cleaning?

The carpet will absorb the moisture during cleaning and expand slightly, but will return to normal as soon as it dries. Pruning from being in the pool too long will cause similar wrinkling in your skin.

Do you provide additional services?

We have additional services available to you upon request. We encourage you to inquire about:

  1. Window Cleaning
  2. Auto Upholstery Cleaning
  3. Dryer Vent Cleaning
  4. Garage Floor Degreasing

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