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DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking to see the differences between DIY and professional carpet cleaning, you’ve found the right blog. The carpets in a housing establishment will get dirty eventually. Carpet is prone to soaking up spills and leaks. They’ll also get dirty as people walk over them with their shoes on. Dust will also accumulate in the corners over time. There’s even higher potential of them dirtying with kids and pets around. This will bring about the need for the carpets to be cleaned. But there are notable differences in the quality between DIY jobs and professional cleaning.

How Often Should the Carpet Be Cleaned?

The carpets should, on average, be cleaned every 12 months. This will help maintain their quality over time, lowering the chance of the carpet needing replacement. It’s best not to go more than 18 months between carpet cleaning. Not cleaning the carpets within this timeframe will void warranties. This depends on the provider and manufacturer of the carpets. This schedule can be tough for the average person to maintain. Their jobs and other duties are bound to keep them busy. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional services available to take on the task. 

The Cleaning Job will Always Be Better

The professional cleaner will always be better at cleaning the carpets compared to DIY jobs. The professional cleaner has been trained to provide the work. The best cleaners are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They’ve made a habit of providing carpet cleaning as part of their livelihood. They’re also being paid for the task. They’ll know what they’re doing over someone who only has equipment at their disposal. Quality and thorough carpet cleaning requires experience. 

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Differences in Equipment

Professional cleaners have access to more powerful equipment. They’re capable of providing stronger and more quality cleaning work at a faster pace. Professional cleaners have access to carpet cleaning machines with higher water pressure. This equipment will rinse and steam the floors more thoroughly than those available for DIY usage. They’re also capable of vacuuming the floors more strongly. DIY carpet cleaners are effective at sucking materials up. But they’re nowhere near as effective at steaming and drying the floors. 

Professional cleaning equipment can output and extract more water. This will lead to their equipment extracting more dirt from the carpets for a deeper cleaning. Professional equipment is also equipped with higher velocity fans. This means the floors will dry quicker. A carpet cleaned with DIY equipment will take around a day or two to fully dry. Professionals have access to equipment that will help it dry in around four hours. The floors might be dry by the time the cleaners are leaving the household after finishing the job.

Serious Cleaning Work

The carpets in a household will get dirtier faster with children around. This will go double with pets in the household. It will be difficult for a homeowner performing a DIY job to thoroughly clean the carpets in this case. This is where it’s imperative that a professional cleaning service be hired for the job. The professional cleaners will do a better job getting rid of stains from drinks dropped. They’ll, more importantly, clean after pets have trekked all over the carpets. Not to mention the other ways in which pets will stain carpets, depending on their training.

A professional cleaning job is also more essential because of how much quicker the carpets will dry. Kids and especially pets will likely walk over carpets as they’re still drying from a DIY job. The carpets will dry much quicker with a professional job. This will considerably lower the chance of drying floors being walked on.


The average person has to work around 40 hours a week or more. This is in addition to other tasks they’ll need to accomplish. A DIY job on the carpets will involve more work on a busy schedule. It’s far more convenient to leave this job up to professional cleaners. This will give a person more time to perform other tasks. It can also give them time to relax. The homeowner will also have less stress. They’ll know that the professional carpet cleaners will do an even better job than they could.

The Hidden Costs of DIY Work

A DIY carpet cleaning seems like it will save money. But this can often be just as expensive, if not more so. Household equipment isn’t as strong as professional cleaning equipment. This will mean the carpets will have to be cleaned more often. The equipment will wear down faster in this process. They’ll need replacement with more expensive equipment. It’s also not cheap to rent the equipment needed for the cleaning.

The professional carpet cleaners will have their own stronger equipment. There won’t be any need for the homeowner to buy or rent expensive equipment. They won’t need to be called as often, thanks to their thorough cleaning jobs. Calling a professional carpet cleaner is cheaper in the long run.

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The Carpet Will Last Longer

Professional cleaning jobs are more thorough. This will lead to the carpet lasting for a longer time. It will lower the need for the carpets to be replaced quickly. It’s also another way in which the homeowner will save money. Regularly vacuuming the carpets is important for the homeowner. But calling the professional cleaner around once a year will keep the carpets looking pristine.

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning 

The carpets in a household will need to be cleaned every 12 to 18 months on average. The need for this will increase in households with kids and especially pets. Professional cleaners can provide the most thorough cleaning, thanks to the training they’ve received. Professional cleaners have access to better and stronger equipment. Their equipment is better for more serious cleaning work. It will likely cost more for a homeowner to buy or rent DIY equipment than to hire a professional cleaner. The carpets will last longer with regular cleanings from professionals. This shows how professional carpet cleaning is superior to DIY cleaning. 

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